Thursday, July 24

What I'm Reading

Add another book to the list of resources I've been looking at (yes, I start with Scripture) for this Sunday's sermon:
"Be Holy. God's Invitation to Understand, Declare, and Experience Holiness", edited by Joseph Coleson, Wesleyan Publishing House.

Other reads or things I'll take to read enroute to Mozambique:
"The Reason for God", Timothy Keller
"Prayer", Philip Yancey (haven't finished it yet!)
"The Seven Deadly Sins of Small Group Ministry", Donahue, Robinson
Macworld Magazine

And I'll probably pick up a copy of "Car & Driver" in the Portland airport.


Trent Boyd said...

Portland Airport???

As in Portland, Maine?????

As in 16 miles from my house?????

Is that the Airport you meant?????

Tim Guptill said...

Hi Trent,

Yep, we were in and out of Portland. I knew you were in Maine somewhere but I didn't know you were that close to Portland.