Monday, July 21

Power Lab is On!!

I can't say how exciting it was to walk over to the church this morning and see all the families pouring in for VBS! Seriously, if you want to see something cool, drive by tomorrow morning around 8:30 and have a peek. It'll make you smile for about a month. Pastor Amy and her team have really done an outstanding job of transforming the church into the 'Power Lab'. Way to go!

We kicked off the BBQ series yesterday to what had to be the largest July crowd this church has seen in a long time. Wow! We had many new guests @ Crosspoint yesterday. I loved the way the service started with Kelly's drama sketch segueing into Amanda's solo of "It Is Well". Very cool. We had many people say that they received help on the whole issue of 'Doubt' yesterday.

Two people accepted Christ as their Saviour @ Crosspoint yesterday!! Somebody shout amen. That is why we do what we do. We are all about seeing changed lives become fully devoted followers of Christ.

Pastor Conard and Sylvain kept the bbq's firing after church yesterday as many people stayed for burgers, dogs, and drinks. The BBQ was a great success. Thanks guys! It was good to see people milling around getting to know each other better.

BBQ 2: What's the deal on 'holiness'? Does God expect me to be perfect? What does the Wesleyan church believe?

This Sunday is the wrap up to VBS which means there will be VBS decorations on the stage and dozens of crazy excited kids shouting out the songs and lessons they have learned. It's going to be a riot. We're expecting an abundance of relatives and guests coming in to see the kids on the stage. I'm looking forward to preaching on 'what does God expect' in a way that even people who haven't been to church in years can understand. Pray for me.

Final thought:
Doubt isn't meant to produce uncertainty.
Doubt is meant to produce faith!

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