Tuesday, July 8

Beulah blogging

Greetings from Browns Flat, NB! Google Map it and you'll see where the Atlantic District of the Wesleyan Church has its annual Family Camp, Conference, and Ordination. www.beulahcamp.com

We're right on the Saint John River. There are around 300 cottages and a host of trailer sites and tents. It's a beautiful spot, especially when the fog burns off. The only thing burning today is skin! No fog and an expected high of 30+. That's my kind of weather!

Gayla runs "The Storehouse" - a bookstore/craft/cafe shop on the campground. It's keeping us very busy, almost too busy.

This past Sunday @ Crosspoint was smokin'. Haha. We usually expect a very small crowd on a 'Beulah' Sunday since so many of our people have cottages here or have traveled down to take in the services. Evidence again that our church is rapidly changing, there were around 130-140 there Sunday morning! Last year this time I was just getting started @ "Olivet" and I think there were probably closer to 50 people in church that same Sunday. Cool.

Bonus points to Pastor Mark for re-delivering his sermon on 'Peace'. Many said it was 'better than the first time he preached it'. We recorded it with GarageBand and we'll have it posted on the new www.crosspointchurch.ca when it is up and running. (Coming Soon!!) Bonus points to John Sherwood for playing lead guitar and singing lead vocal! John also switched with Brent Brewer on one song and played the drums while Brent played lead guitar. Very cool! I love this church!

Here's what today looks like:
7:40 a.m. blog, email, prep for Sunday
8:30 start coffee for 9 a.m. open
9-10:30 run the cafe end of things
10:30-1:00 Boating with Shane and Heidi Hoyt (a rare and needed break!!)
1:30-4 Cafe (also checking in with the DS on my other Beulah responsibilities)
4-6:30 Supper, veg, prep for evening cafe
7:00 try to catch some of the evening service
8:00 coffee's on for cafe
8:30-10:30 cafe
10:30 - 12 wander around aimlessly in need of sleep

Did we mention we have 11 people at our cottage? Yup, Gayla's folks are with us and we have 4 of their grandkids here as well, plus Judi.

Looking forward to this Sunday - A while back Kristin Zwicker requested a sermon that I had done @ Moncton Wesleyan titled: "What to do when you need a miracle". We're looking forward to another good crowd, great worship, and time well spent.

BBQ series starts July 20th! Who are you inviting?
VBS is July 21st. How are you volunteering?

God is good. All the time.

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