Tuesday, July 15


It's good to be back in the office. I had a mountain of mail waiting for me, plus email, plus facebook mail, etc. I'm really tempted to say goodbye to Facebook as it is just another animal to keep checking, maintain, etc.

John Sherwood, Pastor Amy, Laura Murray and I were in this morning, with a special guest appearance by Debbie Symonds. Laura is greatly relieved to have people in the office again. Pastor Mark is on vacation for the next couple of weeks. Have a great time Mark!

We arrived home from Beulah around 10 pm last night. Our car and trailer were crammed with stuff. Plus we had already sent a load of stuff in Ruthie's van! I'm not sure how we manage to pack so much stuff into our cottage.

A few of us were chatting the other day about the possibility of us doing a Crosspoint event at Beulah Camp some time to give many of our new people a chance to see what this 'Beulah' place looks like. We would've spent more time promoting it or inviting people down but the reality is the place is pretty crammed for accommodations, parking, seating, etc. It is a pretty special spot, so we'll have to think about ways we can get more of you down there to check it out.

I started @ Olivet/Crosspoint last July. The first 2 Sundays (Beulah Sundays) probably had around 40-50 people in attendance. This year we had around 130-140 for each Sunday. We didn't have less people go to Beulah, we just had more people attending during the summer. This is very cool! If you weren't here Sunday, you missed one of our better services. Pastor Conard did an excellent job at leading us into our extended prayer time. We're all looking forward to ramping back up to two services in September. When the summer crowd is back, and momentum kicks in, and we're all inviting others, it should be a pretty exciting Fall of ministry.

"BBQ - Big Bad Questions" starts this Sunday!!! I mentioned Sunday morning that you had to check the blog to find out what this week's topic is. So, without further suspense, here it is: BBQ 1 - Doubt "Is it ok for a Christian to doubt? Is doubt a sin? Is doubt the opposite of faith or is it a normal part of my faith journey? What does the bible say about doubt?" You asked for it. We're going to toss it on the grill, flip it a few times, and get into what God's word has to say about doubt.

For those of you who like to eat at least once a day...Stay after church!!! And plan to enjoy some eats right off the grill. This is an excellent opportunity to invite someone to church!

VBS starts next week!

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