Saturday, July 12

Status Quo to Status Grow

I don't say too much on this blog about what is happening in our church for fear of someone thinking that we are bragging or acting like we're better than others.

But after being at Beulah this week, and after hearing our District Superintendent's annual report, I'm feeling like I at least need to share a few things before I bust:

- God wants to save people in every community and every church. He doesn't simply 'bless a little here, and a little there', at random.
- Churches want vision and they want to be led. (lead)
- It's all about life-change. That's what I am addicted to and that's why we're pouring tons of resources into VBS this summer. We want to see lives changed. Jesus didn't die for a logo or a website or a projector. He died for souls.
- More churches could experience renewal, breakthrough, and a bunch of other exciting goodies if they would simply get tired of doing church as usual and get re-energized about making a holy dent in their community.
- I echo our DS, 'we need pastors with passion'!!!
- New ideas are not threats. Whatever you are doing now was a new idea at some point.
- Stop saying, "That won't work in my church".
- The mission of every church is the same: make disciples. The vision on how you do that should keep you up at night, kick you out of bed in the morning, and be the driving force behind every thing you do.

Maybe I'll share more later.
Maybe I'll open another blog just for ministry issues.

But for now, I feel better :-)
Peace and Grace

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