Monday, July 28

Last Post Before Africa

Tomorrow morning @ 6 we'll be on our way to Mozambique! Many months of fundraising, prayer, and all-around sacrifice will come to fruition over the next couple of weeks. We're excited about the work and ministry that will be accomplished. We're excited about making a difference in people's lives. And we're excited about the change that will happen in the team member's lives and how that will affect all of Crosspoint and beyond!

Conard and Debbie Symonds deserve a lot of pats on the back and 'way to go' for how they have worked to make this a reality! Make sure you show them your appreciation for all they mean to our church!

BBQ 2 was awesome. It was just amazing to have the kids share some of VBS with us and to hear the kids give testimony of accepting Jesus into their hearts. Way to go Pastor Amy, Laura Murray and crew!!!

For those of you itching to know some numbers there were around 240 here yesterday. We've had 23 salvations in the past couple of weeks and we're gearing up for a big baptism on the 24th. 240 is a huge crowd for us in July! We had some of our long-time members, who hadn't been here for a few weeks, say that they hardly knew anyone! It seemed like a different church! Haha, I love it. Really, new people coming to church, having a good time, and experiencing Jesus Christ... It doesn't get any better than that.

Pray for us as we travel. We're back on Aug 12.

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