Wednesday, March 28

What Every Sunday School Leader Needs To Know

I'm working on a resource that will be something that every local church can put in the hands of every Sunday School Teacher/Leader they have.

I thought it would be interesting to throw it out on the blog to see what some of you think every Sunday School teacher needs to know. (No, I'm not out of ideas and using this as a cheap way to get you to do my work!) This is not the time to tell me all the reasons we shouldn't be doing Sunday resist the temptation. This is a resource for the many hundreds of churches we have who are doing Sunday School and are interested in seeing people become more like Jesus Christ.

So, what would you say?


RobMcD said...

One of the keys to Sunday School is that it needs to be seen as more of a specialized ministry rather then a ministry for everyone.

Sunday School has traditionally been the "information" center for the church and now with the rise of: Instructional Preaching on sunday, T.V. preachers that are not trying to heal everyone (even though most are calvanist), radio broadcasting, and all the churches that put there services on the web it is not the same need anymore.

Leaders need to ask the question, what specialized training will help this church. Leadership development? Parenting? Bible Study Skills etc... as opposed to just throwing the doors open and teaching whatever comes out of headquarters.

Tim Guptill said...

Hi Rob, thanks for the great input. You are right on when you say that we need to move from merely imparting information to being more strategic and doing SS on purpose with purpose.

Thanks for taking the time to post.