Monday, March 26

Innovate, Create, Start Something New

When was the last time you simply 'created' something? What new thing could happen in your ministry this Spring, this month, or even this week, that would make a difference in people's lives? Is your ministry fresh? Is it adaptive? Is it flexible? Are you adjusting to and responding to the needs of culture? If nothing else, put some fresh paint on something! Change the set up of your stage, change your order of service, do something to freshen things up. If you take heat, congratulations! People noticed!

Here's a top ten list I borrowed from Tony Morgan. Tony was on staff at Granger before moving over to be with Perry Noble at New Spring.

10 Signs You're not Ready for Change
1. You see other organizations as the competition instead of the idea incubators.
2. You're trying to avoid criticism that comes when you fail...and when you succeed.
3. You're afraid of the culture.
4. Your life is fast and cluttered and there's no space to dream.
5. You value getting it right over getting started.
6. You believe conflict is a bad thing.
7. You've stopped asking questions.
8. You think systems and strategy are the enemy of creativity.
9. You're expecting to receive credit for your ideas.
10. You think you've already arrived.

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