Thursday, March 22

C3 - Session 6 - Ed Young

C3 usually holds it's intensives on Wednesday and then the Thursday and Friday sessions are 'general' - everyone crammed in the worship center. If you are looking for a creative blast on a particular area of ministry, check out next year's intensives and go down to Dallas a day early.

The last session was Ed Young wrapping things up with some random thoughts:
  • Luke 19; He likened Zacchaeus to people who are in a "seek-him-more" tree (say it fast and it might rhyme with sycamore)
  • Take people where they need to go, not where they want to go
  • The best volunteers are the people you have to go after (he mentioned that the ones who keep popping up wanting to run different ministries often have agendas/issues, he went on to give a funny illustration about de-kooking your church once a year!)
  • Do the toughest jobs 1st
  • 80% of a Sr.Pastor's job is preaching, preaching is huge
  • "It's all about the weekend stupid" (this is a bit of a mantra around Fellowship, I heard it the first time I was there, and it shook me up in that it made me really think about what was the biggest front door opportunity for the unchurched. Fellowship puts almost all of their eggs in the weekend basket and it is paying off.)
  • If you don't take will break
  • Leadership is measured when you aren't there
  • If it's worth doing, it's worth delegating
  • Delegate and then celebrate
  • Have a funeral in your mind for negative people (had to be there, we were all laughing)

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