Wednesday, March 21

C3 - Session 5 - TD Jakes

Session 4 was Ed Young Sr and, well, there's not much to report about that session. They can't all be winners.

It's always a privilege to hear Bishop Jakes live. He has presence, passion, and a way of unpacking scripture that few people have. His message from C3 '06 is an absolute must have. Buy the DVD, it's amazing.

Ex 4:1-12; last year he preached on the 10 Commandments of Leadership from the life of Moses. This year, he picked up where he left off and gave us More Mo to think about.

  • You haven't had faith until God has taken you someplace where you have never been
  • You can't do ministry, you're not prepared, you have to be driven to your knees
  • If you aren't progressive, you will worship where God 'was' (that is good stuff right there)
  1. The Shepherd's Source - know how God has uniquely created and gifted you; Moses means, 'drawn out', his mother drew him out of the water, but God was going to draw him out for leadership; God has or will equip you for everything you need to do
  2. The Shepherd's Spirit - something unique that God does in your heart; something that God gives you a passion for; what is special about your ministry? do people know your one vision?
  3. The Shepherd's Staff - what is in your hand? Have you ever felt like the whole world was pressing in on you and all you had in your hand was a stick?; If you don't stretch your staff, you will lose them; you have to be able to lean on your staff;
  4. The Shepherd's Stutter - why does God ask us to do what we feel incapable of doing?; write down whatever your stutter is;

After his session they had a Q & A and the Bishop offered these thoughts on sermon prep:

  • Study yourself full
  • Think yourself clear
  • Pray yourself hot
  • Let yourself go

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