Wednesday, November 30

The Holy Hustle

Did the title get your atteniton? What I'm thinking about is the whole rush of the Christmas season. Speaking for my family, we actually quite enjoy the whole bustle and busy-ness of these few weeks. Sure, some of it is completely driven by advertising and shopping, but I see another side to it.

Can it be that with the heightened activity there can also be a heightened awareness of what Christmas means to us? Can there also be a heightened sense of gratitude and giving? Can the busyness actually help us get into the season that much more and spur us on to receive all the 'gifts' of the season?

As a family and as we hustle about taking care of Christmas errands we do our best to point out to our children the good we see in people and also to point out when someone is obviously missing what Christmas is about. In that sense, the hustle becomes holy as it gives us opportunities to teach our kids and to cement our core values of Christmas. Can any good come out of the craziness of the Christmas rush? I think so. What do you think?

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