Thursday, December 1

"Values" from a Mortgage Company

We have one of those shower radios - just so there isn't a single moment in any day that we aren't inundated with commercials and media! Most of the time it is nice to start the day with some Christian radio.

This morning as I was going through the usual routine the tag line to a mortgage company ad caught my ear. Right after their name they gave these words:

I'm not usually this sharp first thing in the morning, but I did think, "Wow, what if we all had these values? They are selling mortgages and they have higher standards than a lot of churches or people I know!" The reality is that you CAN build a company on values like these and you can also build a marriage...a career...a reputation...a legacy...


Wong Online PoKer Hu said...

I agree with what you're saying, but in truth, these values that a company may espouse may just be for formalities' sake. Implementing it or having people embrace it is another matter.

Anonymous said...

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