Tuesday, December 6

Throw Another Blog On the Fire

The more I blog the more I become aware of how blogging is growing and becoming more mainstream. Obviously, if you are reading this you are at least somewhat familiar with blogging. More and more I am hearing of other churches, Pastors and ministries that are leveraging blogs for the Kingdom. Cool.

Are you reading any other blogs? What types? What subjects? Are you using blogs in your ministry? If so, I'd love to hear about it.



David Drury said...

Thought I write articles online I don't really write my own blog. However I do have a real interest in other people's blogs... it's a great way to keep up on people's lives and also to keep up on the thinking of people who I think are making sense these days.

I have the blogs I check out(in descending order of frequency) listed on my "Linkfest" at the following address. You're on there:


Mark O. Wilson said...

I have a blog to encourage small town pastors (although it has morphed into broader horizons.)

It would be cool to have a "listing" of the Wesleyan bloggers somewhere.

Gap said...

Our Church Adult Ministry is called Stand in the Gap. Come visit our blogspot at www.standinthegapstuff.blogspot.com