Friday, December 9

No Entrance...No Exit

God does the impossible - and a baby is born to a virgin. It defies logic. It's impossible. It goes against everything we know. It's God's specialty. The "no entrance" sign didn't just hang over an over-crowded inn, it hung over a door called humanity. Human restraints are no match for God and a sinless Saviour enters the world, our world, and we will never be the same.

Another sign hung over a tomb. This sign reads, "no exit" and it is firmly nailed to a door callled death. No one escapes death...until Jesus. Once again God blows away the barriers of our reality and ushers in a new era of grace, mercy and truth. The One who entered this world under what we would call impossible circumstances leaves this world through another 'impossibility' - the Resurrection.

Every time you see a no entrance or a no exit sign this Christmas remember that God specializes in things impossible.

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