Thursday, November 17

The Revolution

This summer I was handed a pre-release copy of George Barna's new book, "The Revolution". It was one of those rare reads that I found myself really devouring and picking up every chance I had. I think what piqued my interest the most is that I have seen first-hand what Barna was describing and you probably have too. Last week HQ hosted a live satellite featuring George Barna and the topic "Revolution".

After months of research, hundreds of churches, thousands of interviews...Barna is pointing to a growing # of believers who are living out a vibrant, passionate, missional relationship with Jesus and at the same time they are choosing not to attend a church. These 'revolutionaries' are leaving our churches because the church simply isn't engaging them or challenging them or giving them the avenues they need to truly live out their faith. They're bored. It's not that they don't want accountability or community, actually they crave those things. They've tried to bring about change in the church and they have decided in order to 'save their faith' they would be better off with out the church. Many get involved with home churches, cyber-churches or para-church agencies.

Here are the 7 passions of a revolutionary as described by Barna:
Intimate worship
Spiritual Growth
Resource Investment
Compassioante Servanthood
Spiritual Friendships

What do you think? Have you read the book? Have you seen or known people like this?

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David Drury said...

Hey Tim,

I have not read the book but I've heard of it from several other people that have read it. To be honest, I don't really WANT to read it after hearing several times what the premise is.

You see, I don't disagree that these types of Christians exist, or that they have perhaps been "driven out" of the church from boredom or frustration. I also don't disagree that they are looking for something missional, community-oriented and servanthood-based.

What I can't agree with is somehow making their choise a virtue. I think the choice to try to be a Christian without the Body of Christ is a tragic one... one that should not be celebrated--but should be grieved.

I wish more of these Barna Revolution types would start new churches instead of just complaining about the ones that exisit.

But anyway, I'll probobly read the book at some point just so I'm not hating something I don't really know. I read one book I know I'll hate each year and this year I'm pretty sure it'll be Barna's.

Or maybe I'll just assign it to one of my interns next summer. :-)

Thanks for giving me your take on it. It at least encourages me to take a look despite my vehement opposition to the glorification of the anti-church wing of my generation.