Tuesday, November 8

"Do whatever he tells you."

Don't you love it when God uses a verse of scripture to totally snap your neck around and make you pay attention? It's also continually amazing how we can read a text many times over and then all of a sudden we see something in that text that we never really grasped before. It happened last week.

Our stuff plus my Adult Ministries Cabinet were gathered for morning devotions. Jim Dunn was leading us and pointed to the text in John chapter 2 of Jesus' first miracle. In verse 5 Mary says something very simple, yet very powerful and something that is really the very essence of spiritual formation, "...do whatever he tells you to do". Bam! Think about it. Apply it to your life. Use it as a lens over your relationships, your decisions, your mindset.

What are your thoughts about this text or the idea of 'full obedience'?

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