Wednesday, November 23

The View From My Office

I am not a winter person. Some people ( my wife included ) just love to see this fluffy white stuff falling to the ground. To them it just makes it feel that much more like the 'holidays'. I enjoy the holidays, I just think that I could enjoy them more from maybe...Arizona! String some lights on a cactus and plug in an electric snowman. Perfect!

The snow is one sign that the holidays are upon us. There is also the turkey, the traveling, the shopping, the turkey again. For many this season will be a welcomed time of festivities and thanksgiving. For others, this is a dreaded time of the year that only serves to remind them of all they do not have. You will have many opportunities to 'give thanks' in the next few weeks. But rather than just counting your blessings, why not share them? When you give to others you are truly showing God how thankful you are and you are showing others what Jesus looks like. Remember, "For God so loved the world, he gave..."


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The AJ Thomas said...

here is something we are getting ready to laungh as a resource and training tool for our small group leaders here at hillside. It's pretty simple and I think it might work. AJ