Thursday, August 21


The church wants me to pray for them? What's up with that? I thought the church was supposed to pray for me? I thought I went to church to pray for myself and others?

We all need to be praying for Crosspoint. We've been experiencing a ton of growth lately and we're truly expecting more miracles to happen this Fall. I honestly believe that you are going to be inviting people to church, talking about our kickoff series, talking about Youth and Children's ministries, etc. And I honestly believe that we're going to continue to break barriers and see many more changed lives for Jesus. But it's going to take prayer.

Pray for your Pastors. Moi, Conard, Mark, Amy & Ruth
Pray that our plans will be God's plans and God's plans will be ours.
Pray for the new people who will be @ Crosspoint.
Pray for all of our ministries and the people who lead them.
Pray for our offerings (church finances) to grow. (Ministry costs money)
Pray that our services would be memorable times of worship.
Pray that many people will choose to believe and receive Jesus.

If you are praying for us, drop us a line sometime.

"The greatest answer to prayer, is more prayer".

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