Monday, August 25

3 x 8 Relay

Yesterday's BBQ theme was "Heaven". In the spirit of the Olympics three of us delivered the message in a 'sermon relay'. Each speaker had 8 minutes on the clock (countdown). It was a lot of fun and we had a lot of positive comments on it.

John Sherwood did an excellent job of leading us in worship yesterday. Way to go John!

We had another great summer crowd in church yesterday. Awesome!

I mentioned yesterday that this Sunday's theme is "The Rapture". It was one of the questions that 'you' submitted way back when we were soliciting questions for the BBQ series. I also mentioned yesterday that we want you to be praying for anyone who will be there and has not yet become a Christian. We're hoping that Sunday will be a day that many will remember for eternity. More than anything, we want to see people cross the line of faith and publicly declare that they believe in Jesus and they are inviting him into their lives.

Here is something I saw on the wall in a customs office in South Africa:
South African Welcome

Show It - Smile and give your best South African Welcome!

Share It - Tell people about our beautiful country and different experiences.

Live It - Be a tourist and enjoy all that South Africa offers.

Feel It - Be proudly South African and encourage visitors to come back.

Hmmmm, what if we did this @ Crosspoint every Sunday? Every day?

Show It - Give your best Crosspoint welcome to everyone you meet!
Share It - Tell people about Jesus, about your church, and your experiences!
Live It - Enjoy your church, know what is going on!
Feel It - Be proud of Crosspoint and proud to be a Christian. Encourage visitors to come back!

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