Wednesday, August 20


There are 2 Sundays left in the BBQ Series - Big Bad Questions. Your question that we are dealing with this week is, "What does the Bible say about heaven?" I recommend Randy Alcorn's book, "Heaven". I also recommend the bible. ;-)

In true Olympic spirit we are going to deliver this Sunday's message via the "Men's 3x8 Sermon Relay". Conard, Mark, and Tim are each going to have 8 minutes to preach on heaven. When the timer hits "0" the person preaching has to hand their bible (baton) over to the next preacher. Should be fun. I'm running the last leg. You can expect me to grab the Canadian flag, drape it over my shoulders, and run laps around the sanctuary. Or not.

Coming Soon...
August 31, final BBQ Sunday, we're planning a 'don't miss' type of service. Hope you can be here!
September 07, The Mozambique Team is going to share, we're also going to have a special prayer of blessing for the school year, for our students, teachers, and all who work in the school system.
September 14, Kickoff Sunday, launch of our Fall Series: The Groove, return of two services 9:00 and 10:30, all ministries back up and running.

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