Sunday, August 17


I love baptisms!

Today @ Crosspoint 3 people stepped into the water to proudly declare their faith in Jesus. Very cool! Let's pray that we'll continue to see many more changed lives and many more people taking the plunge.

Pastor Conard (newly licensed minister!) got to dedicate his new grandson, Oakley, today. What a special privilege it must have been for Conard to stand with Josh and Brandi and dedicate Oakley to Christ. It doesn't get much better than that.

Worship was more unplugged, acoustic, and awesome. If you like the quiter stuff, you would have loved today.

Pastor Mark had the unenviable task of preaching on "Can I Lose My Salvation?" Great job Mark. The bottom line in Wesleyan verbage is that we believe a person can be saved and choose on their own will to throw the whole thing down the sewer. It's not that God let's them go, it's that they tell God to take a hike. It boils down to semantics on whether or not they were really saved. Whatever side you are on, you would agree that what we all need to do is get our hearts right with God and not take advantage of grace. We used to preach that you could quite easily lose your salvation. This led to people getting saved over and over again. Mark did a great job of helping us see that grace is there for forgiveness when we mess up. We don't need to go back to square one. We need to confess, learn, and move on - growing more and more into the likeness of Jesus.

HUGE summer crowd today! We ran out of burgers! We'll be ready for a crowd next week.

I posted some Africa shots on Facebook if you are interested in seeing what our trip looked like.

God is good!

P.S. This week's BBQ question is "What Does the Bible Say About Heaven?"

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