Friday, August 29


I might have been just a wee bit guilty of just a wee bit of hype for this Sunday, but I'm not the wee bit sorry for it! (No more 'wee's' in this blog!) This Sunday we put the BBQ series on the grill for one last time and it is going to be quite a service. The final question in the series is, "What's the Deal with this thing called 'the rapture'?" We have a very solid service taking shape and there might just be a special treat @ the bbq after the service!

Why put so much effort into summer services?
Why tell everyone that they might not want to miss church on a long weekend?

Because, we really, really believe that Jesus is the real deal. We're excited about changed lives. We believe that church should never be boring. We believe that if we do our part, God will do His part, and none of us will ever be the same again!

Back in June I announced that we weren't going to go into typical summer mode and just piece together half-baked services for people who would rather be on a beach or at the cottage. You cheered! We put a lot of time, effort and energy into the services this summer and you have shown up in great numbers. Way to go.

How 'bout just a little more hype? We were working on some elements for The Groove today. I won't give it away now, but you are really going to want to invite someone to these services. Let's pack this place out in both services.

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