Monday, February 4

Super Sunday!

We finished up the "Illuminate" series yesterday with the theme - "Materialism". Everyone got a package of skittles on their way in which represented all of their 'stuff' (or 'stuf' as I had it written on our 6' x 8' lite-brite). We celebrated communion yesterday, we experienced amazing worship, God was with us, and it was a great service. 250+ on the 1st Sunday of February is a great crowd.

Pastor Mark has shared with me that we had 79 kids in youth for the month of January with an average of 52! Woo Hoo!

We were at the Woodworths with a gang for the Superbowl last night. I totally over-ate...but it was worth it!

1st Wednesday is this week. Supper @ 5:30, service @ 7. It's no secret that this is my favorite service. We're planning a special experience that will spiritually propel you into Lent and Easter. Can't wait!

There is lots of buzz about our "Pirates of Relation-Ships" series coming up this month. Who are you inviting??

Alpha starts this Sunday night with dinner, dessert and a dvd. It's an easy, relaxed, no-pressure way to explore the claims of Christianity. You can still register, just email

2-Services -- It's true! We're launching a new service, 9 a.m. Sunday mornings, identical to the 10:30, with childcare and with Second Cup coffee ;-) More details coming soon! 2-services begins Palm Sunday, March 16th.

What I'm reading or have recently finished:
"When the Game Is Over It All Goes Back In the Box", John Ortberg
"Holy Discontent", Bill Hybels
"Velvet Elvis", Rob Bell (re-read)
"The Emerging Church", Dan Kimball (re-read)


heidi said...

how exciting...enjoyed last night with you folk....we need to get a time to take you guys out??? Great service yesterday! Good times ahead!

Sarah Leanne said...

I'm so pleased that exciting things are happening at your church Tim. Ben keeps in contact with Mark regularly and we both find it refreshing to see God at work in other places.