Saturday, February 16

Sunday's a comin'

Well, one way to know that your children have slid back into Canadian culture... Around Wednesday this week I heard Hope walking around the house humming the tune to Hockey Night in Canada! Then Autumn chimed right in behind her. Brings a tear to my eye, sniff. ;-) It's right up there with first teeth and learning to walk!

Pastor Mark has launched a new blog for parents:
Save the site and hit it frequently to stay up to date on all that is happening in "the Shakedown". The permission slip for next week's ski-trip is available there.

Way to go Mike and Diane Saunders for a job well done at last night's Senior's Dinner!
After the dinner we had a staff get-together at our home. Munchies, valentines cupcakes, oreo ice-cream cake, good coffee, Disney DVD Bingo (we let Conard win), Catchphrase, and many good laughs.

Looking forward to church tomorrow!


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