Monday, February 25

Olivet Double Double

Crazy week last week! Gayla and I and Stephen (Vice-chair) and Ruthie (worship leader coming on staff in May) went to the C3 Conference in Dallas, Texas. This was my fourth time to this conference, and it has never disappointed for even a second. Maybe I'll boil down some of the best nuggets and post them on the blog. What makes a conference effective is when the sessions stir up ideas and creativity on how our local church can reach more people. Time spent with Gayla, Stephen and Ruthie, talking about Olivet and how we can get to the next level, was very cool. Great days ahead.

We finished up the "Pirates of Relation Ships" series yesterday. Mike Saunders did an excellent job preaching on parenting. Thanks Mike, for your candid and honest sharing. It was impacting. We had a return visit from our Pirates, and the kids (with 'crazy hair Sunday') opened the service by reading Scripture and helping us sing, "I Am a Friend of God's". We also dedicated Hudson Morris with his parents Craig and Melanie Morris. Hudson had fun slobbing on my microphone :-)

Our teens had a blast skiing, snowboarding, and tubing @ Mt. Farlagne this past weekend. Good times!!

More flooring is down as we continue to renovate "The Factory". The transformation is looking awesome. I can't wait to see the old brown carpet get ripped off of those stairs!

We launched the theme for our upcoming shift to 2 services: "Olivet Double Double" How Canadian is that??!! Haha. We have some very cool invite cards that we gave out on Sunday. We also have a 30' banner that is going on the front of the church. Nice.

We also launched the theme to our Easter Services: "Jump" We also have a very cool invite card for the series. Easter is all about grace and you will never get a better offer than grace. When you get an offer like that, you need to "JUMP" at it!!! Yes, our band will be playing the song "Jump". We are praying that all of us will take these invite cards and invite people to experience God's grace. I'm praying hard that we will see many people accept God's offer of grace over the Easter season @ Olivet.

The Lapointes are in concert here this Sunday morning. Looking forward to it!

The Creative Team is meeting tonight for Chinese food. Yum! We're setting up in front of the fireplace in the lobby and working on the Easter series. Hey, you can't be creative on an empty stomach!

Ruthie is attending her first 'staff' meeting tomorrow, although she doesn't officially join the team until May.

I'll use flock to upload the double double and jump graphics, since blogger won't let me import pics off my Mac via Safari. (Ha, think about that last sentence, if I said those words a few years ago you would've thought I was speaking a different language or needed to switch to decaf) Come to think of it, some of you might think I'm speaking a different language. God is blessing and we are doing our best to be faithful and stay out of his way.

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