Monday, February 11

The Scoop

Maybe I titled this post "the scoop" because I am giving you the scoop on all the latest from OWC...or maybe it's called the scoop because it has been snowing non-stop and you will be scooping snow for days! Either way, I'm glad you are checking out the blog and staying in touch with what God is doing in our church.

The chorale (Sussex-ese for 'choir') from Bethany Bible College was with us yesterday morning. Thanks for braving the weather choir!! I have heard many very positive comments from people who appreciated the ministry of Betty Weatherby and the choir. We currently have three students @ BBC: Andrew Leblanc, Jonathon Bragdon and Ben Cochrane.

The Alpha Course was launched here last the snow! We had close to 20 out for a yummy dinner, a dvd, yummy dessert, and some good discussion. Thanks to Conard and Debby Symonds for last night's dinner! Last night was a 'warm-up' starter evening to the course. If you know of anyone you'd like to invite, they could certainly show up this Sunday @ 5 and not miss very much.

Coffee update: We're trying some Van Houtte here in the office. Very smooth :-) We're brewing Second Cup on Sundays in the "Olivet Cafe". It is a HUGE hit!

"The Factory" renovations are well under way!! There is a team of men here this morning helping to transform our children's areas into modern, bright, exciting spaces! Once the painting is done, we'll be installing the new flooring in rooms and stair-wells. We'll also be adding some custom touches to really make the spaces fun. Can't wait!

The Pirates are coming! This Sunday we launch a two-week series titled: "The Pirates of Relation Ships". Ship 1 is the "Ship of Marriage". Ship 2 is the "Ship of Parenting". These are great services to invite people to. You can expect a jam-packed service full of creativity, worship, and relevance.

2 Services are coming March 16th! 9:00 and 10:30 Which one are you going to? They are identical, and there is a children's program at each. We are also launching a couple of new groups @ 10:30 so you can worship @ 9 and get in a group at 10:30. Sweet!

Happy shovelin'

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