Monday, February 18

Harrrr Mateys

"Pirates of Relation Ships" got off to a great start yesterday! We had a gang plank built- center stage - so I could walk right out on it and talk about the Pirates that are out to sink your marriage. We didn't have cannonballs, so I used coconuts instead! ;-)
Worship was totally amazing yesterday! We have an amazing worship band and worship leader! I really enjoyed the posters that we're shown to remind of us of how God is with us when we are under attack. We also had an extended time of prayer, specifically on healing. What would a Pirate series be without real Pirates?? Yup, we had a couple of swash-bucklin', deck-swabbing, ship-pillaging Pirates. Rumor has it that they will be opening the service this Sunday. Should be fun!

I mentioned yesterday that 'our very best people' should be volunteering in "The Factory" to help us raise the next generation of Jesus-followers!! Seriously, we need many of you to step up and commit to helping in either the 9:00 service or the 10:45 service. There will be a meeting for all interested this Sunday right after church. Come to the meeting or we'll send the Pirates after you!!

We're off to Dallas this week. Leaving tomorrow, back Saturday. Gayla and I are traveling with Stephen and Ruthie Woodworth to the C3 Conference at Fellowship Church, Ft. Worth. I think this is my 5th time to this conference. The speakers, content, and experience are always very challenging. I would say that this conference is one of the top influencers in my ministry thus far. Ed Young Jr, TD Jakes, Perry Noble, Brian Houston (Lead Pastor of Hillsong Church) are some of the speakers.

We had around 25 out to Alpha last night! Excellent discussion after the video. (excellent dessert too!!)
I'm totally loving the Second Cup coffee we are brewing on Sunday mornings!
The teens are on a ski trip to Mt. Farlagne this Friday-Saturday.
I hope it's warm in Dallas!
We have some promo coming for Easter and the 2 Services that you are going to LOVE!
God is good!

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