Saturday, October 6

Happy Thanksgiving!

It is an absolutely gorgeous day in the Ville. If some of you are at Beulah, you are probably willing to argue that it's even more scenic at Beulah. Ha! Either way, we have much to be thankful for.

1st Wednesday was an excellent evening! It was so good to see the families eating together, sharing together, watching kids together, etc. Joy Cummings and her team did an outstanding job at feeding 100+ people spaghetti, garlic bread, caesar salad, dessert, coffee, tea, etc all for $3/adult! Way to go Joy!

I'm looking for the right words to describe the service. Unrushed would be one that comes to mind right away. We were simply able to worship, take communion and focus on the Cross without worrying about announcements and stuff. Ruthie led us in a perfect blend of Cross-centered worship. Very powerful! Can't wait until November's 1st Wednesday service.

Tomorrow is the 4th and final week of our LOST series. It's been a lot of fun and I know that God has used this series to help people see the ways we can be "LOST" and FOUND! Tomorrow's theme weaves into Thanksgiving with a focus on grace and the question: "Are You Who You Want to Be?" The text (for all you keeners) is 2 Corinthians 9:10-15

We had our first "staff get together" at the parsonage last night!! Pastor Conard and Debbie, Pastor Mark, Liz, Emily and Abbie, and Pastor Amy all joined us for food, more food, and then some food. Oh yeah, we also played "Catchphrase". Good times for a great team.

Back to my Irving Peruvian Coffee (I'm hooked) and getting ready for tomorrow.


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