Monday, October 29

Facebook 3

Happy Monday and Happy last week of October. Is it crazy how fast this Fall is flying by???!

Are you ready for all the little spooks this Wednesday? I didn't address Halloween in particular on Sunday...I encourage you to let your light shine, love your neighbors, love the children, and don't hide. Greater is He who is in you than he that is in the world!

Facebook 2 was highlighted by an extended time of worship and pastoral prayer. It was powerful to see many people at the altar, being ministered to by God during the pastoral prayer. The message focused on the 'masks' that we wear, challenging us to be real with one another and real with God. We don't always wear masks, and there are times when we just can't spill everything in front of everyone. The point is, don't always bottle everything up. Take it to God. Share life with others. Be who God intended you to be.

This week is Facebook 3 and the theme is "Prayer". We've had a Facebook Wall up in the lobby for the past few weeks, encouraging you to post your prayer requests there. We're going to look at prayer and how easy it is to communicate wall to wall with God.

Coffee update - I just about froze my face off walking over to the Irving for a Peruvian today. Yeah, I know, it isn't February! Still, the wind was right up my nose ;-> The peruvian was well worth the trek. Had a Starbucks Friday night...very yummy...grande bold with just a bit of cream. Been making Java Moose here at the office. We had a meeting this morning and the java moose hit the spot!

Have a great week!

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