Monday, October 22

Facebook 2: Edit Your Profile

Yesterday was a blast! The kids did an awesome job on "I Am a Friend of God"! Way to go little people! Pastor Amy prayed, upstairs, with the big people. Yay Amy! We raised over $4700 in a special offering for the children's ministry. Woo Hoo! We talked about how we all want to belong and how we need to get connected. After service we all went in to the fellowship hall (the room of food) where 25+ ministries of Olivet were set up to promote their ministry/small group. The hall was jammed, the coffee was hot, the snacks were was awesome. Have I said it was awesome yet? Have I used enough exclamation marks? Oh yeah, we even have a Facebook wall built in our lobby for people to 'post' prayer requests and praise notes on.

This week is Facebook 2: Edit Your Profile. Without giving too much away, let me say that we are going to talk about authenticity, getting real, and being who God has made you to be. I had people who couldn't make it this coming Sunday ask me what was going to be happening in the service this week because they hate to miss anything. Hating to miss church...what a concept!

Have a great week. See you on Facebook. See you Sunday!

Pastor Tim

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