Tuesday, October 16

The Facebook Series

Good morning Olivet! Hopefully your week is off to a good start. If you are having an 'off' day, go do something to 'make' someone else's day, and you will feel much better ;-)

Sunday was awesome! On a cold and rainy October morning the parking lot was absolutely crammed! Woo Hoo. (very technical, spiritual term) Pastor Mark preached a very relevant message on why we do ministry to kids and teens. The band was cooking as usual and worship was straight at Jesus the way it should be. I had someone (from another church) tell me recently, "Preach good, do worship right, minister to kids and you will grow a great church".

The Facebook Series starts this Sunday!! If you aren't already on Facebook, now would be a good time to sign up, find a bunch of Oliveters and get into the series. If you are never going to sign up for Facebook, no worries. the series will still make a lot of sense to you as we look at how God wants believers to be connected, to be authentic, and to stay dialed in to him.

Here is a classic text for you to ponder this week as Facebook prep: Acts 2:42-47

We had our October board (Leadership Team) meeting last night. I am continually thankful for this risk-taking, outside the pew, faith believing, do something different, all about changed lives, group of leaders!


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steve-o said...

I hated missing church last sunday but I guess that's a good thing.....not the missing church part but the feeling bad about missing church part.

Well I've taken your advice and signed up on Facebook. The kids have been helping me lots and I've actually been contacted by someone I use to go to Youth Rallys with way back in the day. So far it's been kinda fun.

I'll be there early this Sunday to get a good FRONT seat :-)