Thursday, September 1


Every Wednesday morning our staff gets together for a devotional time we call Anchor. Yesterday we talked openly about the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina in the South. Why do disasters happen? Could it be sent from God? Is it just a natural disaster or is it a super-natural disaster. As I watch the reports from the flood I see two types of people: those who are thankful to God, despite the carnage, and those who wonder how there could be a God, because of the carnage. There are many 'flood' texts in the Bible affecting both the just and the unjust. Two that we looked at in our Anchor time yesterday were Isaiah 25 and Psalm 46. Both of these passages call us to revere and trust in God "though the earth give way".

Pray. Give. Do all you can for the survivors of Katrina. As you pray, reflect on the power and of the love of our great and awesome God.

Do you have any comments on trusting God when life doesn't make sense?

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