Wednesday, August 24


This is the Ferry approaching Swallow Tail Lighthouse, Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick, Canada. Grand Manan is where I was born and where many of my family live. It's a small island with a population of around 3000 in the Bay of Fundy. My spiritual roots are there as well. Grand Manan is home to 3 Wesleyan Churches and at least another 10 churches of other denominations. The sea, the beaches, the wildlife and the views make it one of the world's special places.

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Rodney Mackay said...

LOve this photo.

I am 73 and the grandson of Chester Guptill of Grand Harbor. My grandmother was Eula Guptill, a very bad driver of motor vehicles. My spell checker wants to correct that last name! Gubtael is no better!

Thought most of the Guptills were gone from the Island!