Monday, August 15

Spiritual Retreats

This past weekend our Department, the Spiritual Formation Department of the Wesleyan Church, took a three day retreat at a wilderness resort in Ohio. It was a family retreat - encouraging us to spend time in family activities. Along with swimming, horse back riding and boating together, we wrapped up the weekend with our own chapel service by the lake and sharing communion together as a family.

What are your thoughts on Retreats ( some call them Advances rather than Retreats )? Do we do it enough? Have you been involved in any type of creative retreat?

We're working on the concept of a Weekend Retreat that would be an intense spiritual boost. We would spend time in worship, reflection, confession, meditation, teaching, etc. If anyone has been on a Jesus Walk or Emmaeus Walk Retreat or anything like that, I'd love to hear about your experience. Do you think the concept is needed in our churches? Districts?


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