Friday, August 19


Transitioning is an interesting term. When you think about, simply moving through life requires a lot of transitioning. We make adjustments all the time in the way we do things. We get smarter...we see things differently...we learn and we adjust. Why then is it so hard for a traditional church to 'transition'?

Lately I've been looking at some churches that are transitioning from their familiar Sunday School program to a more agressive ministry of small groups. They're not dropping Sunday School, but they are giving it a face lift and at the same time blending it with an offering of home groups, affinity groups and other creative gatherings. Some churches have re-launched their discipleship efforts with a new name, structure, purpose and goals.

Is your church transitioning? Are you looking for ways to improve the process of spiritual formation? Are you moving from just Sunday School to include more small groups? Have you done a complete overhaul of your discipleship programs? Do you need one?

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