Wednesday, September 14

Ministry to Senior Adults

This past weekend I was the guest speaker for a Senior's ( Best Years Fellowship ) Retreat near Branson, Missouri. It was an excellent event and an enriching experience for all involved. The location was pristine with a view that literally stopped you and held you. Overlooking the Ozarks and Lake Table Rock certainly made a conducive environment for spending time with God.

The retreat was well organized with a mix of entertainment, worship and free time. We even had an exclusive concert with Dino which the Seniors thoroughly enjoyed. Ministry to Seniors is one area that I am responsible for in the Wesleyan Church. I'd love to hear your thoughts on Seniors Ministry. Does your church have one? How often do they meet? What types of groups or events do they have? What resources are you reading or using? What have you learned about ministering to senior adults? What types of new ideas would you like to see?

You can access some of our ideas and resources for seniors by going to

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