Wednesday, September 28

Larry Crabb at Willow

Last week's Small Group Conference at Willow Creek opened with a message from Larry Crabb. The theme of his message was "Spiritual Formation In Small Groups". It was an excellent presentation on how God uses community in the small group setting to literally transform people's lives. Here are a few highlights from Dr. Crabb:
Nothing matters more than followers of Jesus becoming like Jesus.
We cannot change on our own. Real change requires community.
Group Commitments:
1. What are we after?
2. How do we get there?
3. What do we do?
Intentional Spiritual Formation Groups:
1. Aim high
2. Get real
3. Live the vision

There is obviously a lot more content than I can share in a blog posting. I recommend you go to and order the CD of that session. One last quote from Larry Crabb, "Every person desires what only grace can provide". What are your thoughts?

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