Thursday, September 8

What Are You Reading?

When you stop reading, you stop learning. Those who fail to read fail to have anything new to say. Sometimes I read to study, sometimes I read to relax, and sometimes I read simply to generate my own creativity. I enjoy asking others what they have been reading and I'm often asked what I am reading. If you can, look up some leaders you respect and find out what they are reading.

This summer I read "The Barbarian Way" by Erwin McManus and a pre-release copy of George Barna's latest, "Revolution". I just finished a book on Small Group Ministry by Andy Stanley and Bill Willits ( more Bill than Andy ), "Creating Community". It is essentially a book on how they have gotten more than 7000 involved in their small groups. My next cover to crack is on a book titled "Bowling Alone". Someone on an airplane this summer told me about it.

So what are you reading? Use the comments link below and share with others the books that you have found to be helpful.

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