Monday, August 27

Walking Across Rooms all over Fredericton

Hey OWC! I hope your week has gotten off to a great start!

Yesterday we talked about 'taking next steps' as we walk across the room to do simple, relational, evangelism. How's it goin'?
After the service yesterday I was being introduced to a couple who have been to OWC for the past two weeks in a row (very exciting!) and the husband pointed at one of our members and said, "She walked across the room in our lives". How cool is that?!

We currently have 28 teens and youth leaders on a camping trip to Fundy National Park. Let's hope most of them come home.

The August Board meeting is tonight -- I refer to them as the Leadership Team. Doesn't that sound better than "Local Board of Aministration"?

Don't forget...BIG Announcement coming this Sunday!!


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