Monday, August 13

"GONE" is gone

Hey OWC'ers...I hope you are having a great Monday wherever you are with whatever you have on your plate today.

We spent last night at our cottage with my brother and his family, my folks, Gayla's folks, and a couple of butterscoth pies! We also had the fire fired up for some smores and hot dogs. Cottage life at it's best!

Yesterday morning we wrapped up the Gone series with Gone Hiking - How to get in the Word and Stay in the Word in order to stay on the path that God has for you. Remember the 3 points...G - P - S??

This week we are setting our sights on a series titled, "Just Walk Across the Room". It's based on Bill Hybels book of the same name which you can pick up at the Lighthouse. (It's also based on Scripture!)

Have a great week!


heidi said... just reading that book! Great timing...can't wait to hear the series!

Tim Guptill said...

Hey Heidi,
How awesome was it for your friends to say, "She walked across the room to us"?!

God is good!