Thursday, August 2

Thursday Update...

Hello OWC! I hope you are all having a great week. Is it muggy enough for you??!! :-)

Thanks again to all of you that brought gifts to our pantry shower/fellowship! It was greatly appreciated! We are almost ready to move into the parsonage. Our stuff is being delivered by the movers this coming Tuesday. The men of our church have been working so hard, through this hot weather, to get us ready to move in. The painting, landscaping, etc all looks terrific! We're really excited about settling in.

Pastor Mark, Liz, Emily and Abby leave for vacation tomorrow. Please keep them in your prayers. Have a great time Brewers!

This Sunday we are in part three of our 'Gone' series, "Gone Camping". We're going to have a little fun with this service, so come expecting some creativity and a good time!

If you want to be looking at the texts of this week's message, read Matthew 16:13-28; 17:1-13 In 17:4 Peter was ready to put up a shelter, kind of a 'tabernacle-tent' deal. His intentions were good, but Christ knew that there was a lost world waiting at the bottom of the mountain and that was where he needed to be. There will be plenty of time to 'camp' when we get to heaven. In the meantime, we need to keep moving for Christ.

See you on Sunday!

Pastor Tim

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