Tuesday, August 28

Happy Tuesday!

Good morning OWC!

I'm enjoying a cup of Peruvian coffee from Irving in the Ville and it is yummy!! Highly recommended ;->

We had a terrific board (leadership team) meeting last night! I am thankful to God for such a group of forward-thinking, faith-believing leaders.

Any Mac people in the church?? Make yourselves known ;-> I've switched over to Mac this summer and now I'm wondering, "Why doesn't everyone use a Mac?"

Oh yeah...there were more stories at our meeting last night of OWC'ers 'walking across the room'. Sweet!

Hope you have a blessed day,



Mike said...

PT I was in Texas last November and noticed the same thing about mac there. they have found out how much better the mac is than windows. I guess the apple is taking a bite out of Microsoft huh? I know Bad joke... anyway you are right in saying we do have a forward thinking board and we are lucky to have every one of them. i have been reviewing the material for the mens retreat and am finding it hard to pick out what needs to stay and what needs to go Its all Good, but i will sort this out. I pray that God uses this weekend and material to speak to the one or the two or the many that he needs to speak to. I hope we have a huge turn out. Anyway keep up the fantastic work we love you and pray for you.

Tim Guptill said...

Hi Mike! Thanks for the passion and leadership you are pouring into our Men's Ministry! I believe the Retreat will be big-time impacting for our guys!