Wednesday, December 6

Group's Bible Sense Series

O.K. Here is your recommended resource for today: Group's Bible Sense Series

If you are tired of the same old small group study resource, you need to take a look at this stuff from Group. It is very interactive and written with a lot of fresh thinking. Every book comes with a DVD attached to the back cover that is used in the study. The whole series is designed to engage your thinking on a lot of levels.

As I read through it I was particularly wondering if I could picture the typical Wesleyan Adult Sunday School class going through this, and I could. Yeah, you probably would have to modify a few of the 'interactive elements' for the crankies in the back of the room who don't want to do anything. The rest of the crowd will love it.

(I tried to upload a picture of the series, but it is encoded in such a way that Blogger won't upload it...just go to and click on Adult Bible Studies)

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Dan said...

Always appreciate the 'heads up' as it's impossible to keep up with everything. It did make me think of Andy Stanley's '7 Practices of Effective Ministry' where he speaks of teaching more for less. He suggests that we often ask, "What Bible study do we want to use?" or "What curriculum do we want to use?" when the question should be, "What do our people need to know?" I'm beginning the process of drafting our own scope and sequence for our church. Any suggestions?

Thank you.