Thursday, December 21

2 Conferences and a Link

What conferences are att he very top of your list for 2007? What ones did you attend in '06? Were they good, bad or ugly?

I have attended Fellowship Church's "Creative Church Conference" twice, and it has blown me away...twice! Last year the Director's of SFD went together. This year I will be there with the Adult Ministries Cabinet. (Robin Ritchie, Jay Guptill, Joel Heron and Dawn Marie Colaw). If you are planning to attend, let us know as we would like to host a dinner for all Wesleyan's at the event. (it's in late February, you can maximize your travel costs by visiting many mega churches in the Dallas-Fort Worth area)

One that I came across yesterday while doing some research for one of our Young Adult Pastors: In the "Catalyst" genre, this one looks like a high-octane, high energy, emergent deal for the 40 and under crowd or 40+ wannabes.

Group has a brand new site dedicated to small group ministry. You should be able to remember this link:

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Heath said...


This past year I went to the Spiritual Formation Forum hosted in Long Beach, CA. I was a very significant time for myself and a close friend who came with me. The speakers included Dallas Willard, Richard Foster, Roberta Hestaness, Larry Crabb, David Johnson and others. Particularly helpful were the workshops that were less glib and gloss and very earthy. I appreciated the acknowledgement from all the presenters of the messy and painfully slow nature of discipleship in lives of people. I was reminded of the importance of helping people become formed in Christ and how counter-cultural such a pathway is, even, sadly enough, in the church. I was affirmed in my specific calling and would recommend this forum to anyone seriously desiring to foster a culture of discipleship in their church.