Wednesday, December 20

Christmas Spiritual Formation

Why did God send His 'Firstborn of All Creation' to live among us?

Did God think, "This will be really good marketing for big-box department store sales"?

Did he come so that we would have a reason to decorate and bake and share in "white elephant gift exchanges"?

I'm thinking that Jesus came so that we could know God, serve God, and be more like God.

The Advent season is meant to be a spiritual reference point that draws us back to the true meaning of God sending Emmanuel. How are you being spiritually changed, renewed, transformed these days? What affect is the Baby having on your life? How are you different today than you were yesterday? This year compared with a year ago?

In the Spiritual Formation Department we speak about a person following Christ with their Head, their Heart, their Hands and their Habits. Take a minute to reflect on those.

This year, don't make resolutions...make restitution. Seek grace. Seek mercy. Seek forgiveness. Seek the Fruit of His Spirit and be transformed!


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