Wednesday, December 6

Can Willow Change?

I have to admit, when I saw this title on the "Defining Moments" CD that I received from Willow Creek yesterday my first reaction was, "Who cares?" Not that I don't want to see them have continued growth and success, I just felt like they are big and strong enough to conquer anything. It's the little guy in the middle of some small town that I wonder about.

Regardless, I popped the CD in and listened to Gene Appel and Hybels discuss the challenges they have been facing. One of the many things I found interesting on this recording was that Willow is growing older. Their average age has jumped from 38 to 48 and is climbing every year. They are reaching more and more Boomers, they are all collectively growing older (obvious) and they are not getting a lot of Gen X and Y to attend their weekend services. Interesting.

If you know me, you know that I love change. Probably a little too much.

What about your church? Can it change? Does it need to? Is it growing older? Is it reaching new generations?

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