Tuesday, June 10


The highlight from this past Sunday was John Sherwood leading worship. John is much more than an amazingly gifted guitarist. He is a natural worship leader with the ability to shift and adjust with the Spirit throughout the entire service. Awesome. John very humbly introduced a new song to the congregation. When I got up to preach I let the cat out of the bag that John had actually written that song we just sung. People cheered.

God is good... We looked at 1 Peter 2 and how we have a responsibility to reflect God's goodness to others because he has brought us out of darkness into his marvelous light. Do some good in someone's life this week and see the difference it makes.

There was an excellent crowd there Sunday. Actually, for June it was an awesome crowd. The entire staff is pretty stoked about keeping things running at as good a level as we possibly can for the summer.

We have the design and theme for our summer series. I'll post it a little later...

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