Thursday, June 19

Almost 7

There were 6 of us working at the church today. I think next week it might actually work out that we'll all be in on the same day. I'm off tomorrow, so there's 0 chance. Still, we celebrated with donuts and coffee. Well, 4 coffees, a french vanilla and an apple juice. Laura is the youngest and she is a pre-coffee drinker. She's holding up quite well to the office peer pressure. I think she might cave by the end of the summer and actually try a hot drink. VBS will likely push her over the edge! Ha.

Met with Eric Porter of to start hammering out Mark and I set up our new emails today. The old Olivet emails will still work for awhile but we are merging over to, mark@..., amy@..., etc.

Met with Paul Inman today to discuss a brand new 'no-step' entrance to the church. It's a very exciting project that you will hear more about this Sunday. It's basically a new courtyard type interlocking stone entrance. The old stairs and ramp will be toast and a new landscaped area will emerge. Can't wait!

2 MORE WEEKS in the "Juicy Fruit" series. Pastor Conard is preaching on 'Gentleness' this Sunday. We are also going to be sharing together in communion. It's shaping up to be another impacting Sunday. We are working diligently on keeping the quality of the services as good as possible over the summer. Don't take the summer off!!

See ya Sunday!

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