Tuesday, November 21

What I'm Reading

One of the first questions I ask of other leaders is, "What are you reading". My District Superintendent up in Atlantic Canada, HC Wilson, makes his reading list available so that others can get in on some very valuable resources. The last time I was at a Willow Creek Conference, Bill Hybels and others printed their reading lists for us.

Not that I am assuming that anyone out there really cares what Tim is reading, but these thoughts may spur you a little bit to look into some new titles, ask other leaders what they are reading, and stay as sharp as you can.

"The Present Future" by Reggie McNeal - this is a re-read for me. Rich Moorlach from WIF was so excited about this book that I decided to pick it up again. It's a must read for anyone who gives a rip at all about the church.

"How to Start a New Service" by Charles (Chip) Arn - I met Chip out in California recently and his book is one of the required texts in the master's class I'm currently taking. Written way back in '97 ;-) This book is still filled with relevant ideas. Think about it: Your church can probably reach new people simply by starting a new service.

"Simple Church" by Thom Rainer - Another must read

"The Rhythm of Prayer" by Mark Moore - A solid book by a solid guy with a creative edge


drew said...

Hey Tim, I just found out about your blog. I have a blog (actually 2) but I never seem to update them enough. Great Blog. I will add it to my RSS feeds.

Can I share a couple of books that I am reading right now? "Blue Like Jazz" by Donald Miller and I have picked up but haven't started "When Bad Christians Happen to Good People: Where We Have Failed Each Other and How to Reverse the Damage" by Dave Burchett.

Both of these books are wonderful books to read. Makes you really think how the non-Christian looks at Christians. You probably won't have the time right now, but once you get your degree they are definitely worth reading.

wiredparish.com said...

just so you'll know, you can get a weekly podcast from reggie mcneal on wiredparish.com