Friday, November 3

Dealing with Distraction

I'm out of the office this morning. I'm not out of town, just out of the office. Every once in awhile I need a change of scenery to help me get creative and work on some of my larger projects.

My place of choice today? Panera Bread. If you don't have a Panera in your part of the world you are at a loss! Free Wi-Fi, refillable coffee, and a cinnamon crunch bagel that is over the top.

In an earlier post I mentioned the book, "Getting Things Done" by David Allen. (Get and read this book!) I recently came across a great article at his site on the subject of dealing with distractions. Though I am far from perfect, I have attempted many of these principles and my life is measurably more organized because of them. Here is the link to the article, check it out if you find yourself bouncing from one demand to another without the level of productivity you really want:

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